Tools, Hardware & DIY

We have an extensive range of tools and hardware, both for specialist trades – plumbers, electricians, mechanics, painters & decorators – and light industrial use, through to general building & site maintenance.  The following are just an indication, not a complete list:

  • Hand-held tools – screwdrivers, Allen keys, hammers, knives, tape measures, glue-guns, spirit levels, tool sets & boxes.
  • Electric tools – drills, screwdrivers & disc saws.
  • Hardware supplies – nails, screws, bolts, washers, raw plugs, adhesives, sealants, tape & lubricants.
  • Ironmongery – door handles, hinges, hooks, bolts, locks & stops.
  • Plumbing parts – plastic pipes & fittings, metal connectors & taps, flexible hoses.
  • Paints, varnishes, undercoats, fillers, paint removers and white spirit.
  • Paint brushes, rollers, dust sheets.
  • Wheel barrows, shovels, ladders
  • Electrical adapters, extension leads, sockets & fittings.
  • Torches, lamps & lights
  • Light bulbs, fuses & sockets

We carry a massive range of different qualities and to suit all price points & requirements.


Our brands include: Blackspur, Green Jem, SIL, Doff, Whitefurze, Bline, Kingfisher, Rentokill, Strata.

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