It’s Christmas time!

Christmas has well and truly arrived at DPR Wholesalers, we have an amazing selection of Christmas products for your customers this season. Some of our top picks are the Snowflake Projector, which projects an animated snowy scene on any background, placed in front of a house this projector will give you an instant Christmas-feel without all the hard work! Only £15.98 and selling fast.

Twearking Santa, keep adults and kids alike amused this Christmas with our favourite animatronic of the year. Only £7.98 and guaranteed to keep everyone entertained on Christmas day.

Penguin/ Polar Bear pass the parcel with 8 gifts, a great novelty item and one of the best selling items of last year, this ready made pass the parcel is guaranteed fun for Christmas day. From only £3.30 this will entertain everyone for hours and get the family together for a fun filled hour.

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